Conference Programme

The programme starts with sessions on detection of heart defects and digital medicine Wednesday 18th at 16:00-19:00, followed by a Get-Together with a tapas meal (separate registration).

Thursday 19th has four sessions with pulmonary hypertension and shunts in ex-premature infants and heart failure as the main topics. In parallel there will be two sessions for nurses and allied professions on communication and coping.
We will introduce a new meeting form in a one hour session with group discussions followed by a reunion with short reports and maybe also common agreements.
Thursday’s program also includes a walking session and a lecture of universal interest. There will be a dinner in the evening (separate registration).

On Friday 20th, there will be a session on exercise in pediatric cardiac patients, followed by free paper presentations with a parallel session for nurses and allied professions on empowerment

The detailed programme is found here.